Tahir Khan Restaurant TKR 4 Menu, Address, Contact

Experience a delightful fusion of tradition and taste at Tahir Khan Restaurant (TKR) 4 in Bahria Town. Savor delectable Pakistani cuisine, immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere, and create unforgettable dining memories.

Foodies in Bahria Town, rejoice! Tahir Khan Restaurant (TKR), renowned for its irresistible Pakistani fare, has opened its fourth branch, promising an unparalleled culinary experience. TKR 4 brings the rich heritage of Pakistani cuisine to life, offering mouthwatering dishes prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients and age-old recipes.

Step into TKR 4 and be greeted by a warm ambience that reflects the vibrancy of Pakistani culture. The restaurant boasts a modern yet inviting space, perfect for a casual lunch with friends, a celebratory dinner with family, or an intimate date night.

TKR 4’s menu is a treasure trove of Pakistani delicacies, catering to diverse palates. From the succulent slow-cooked delights of the signature “Dampukht” to the robust flavors of “Shinwari” cuisine, the menu offers something for everyone.

TKR 4 Special Menu:

  • Dampukht: Embark on a flavor adventure with TKR’s signature “Dampukht,” a slow-cooked preparation that infuses meat with rich spices and aromatic herbs. Indulge in melt-in-your-mouth mutton or chicken, cooked to perfection and bursting with flavor.
  • Shinwari Cuisine: Tantalize your taste buds with the fiery and aromatic “Shinwari” specialties. Explore a range of options, from the signature “Shinwari Lamb Karahi” to the delicately spiced “Chapali Kebab.
  • Tandoori Delights: Experience the magic of clay oven cooking with TKR’s sizzling tandoori selection. Choose from juicy chicken tikka, succulent seekh kebabs, or flavorful fish tikka, all marinated to perfection and cooked in a tandoor for a smoky and irresistible
  • Vegetarian Options: Vegetarians are not left out! TKR 4 offers a delightful selection of vegetarian curries, lentil dishes, and vegetable pulao, all bursting with flavor and cooked with fresh, seasonal produce.pen_spark

Accompaniments and More:

No Pakistani meal is complete without fluffy naan bread, fragrant rice dishes like biryani or pulao, and cooling raita to balance the spices. TKR 4 offers a variety of accompaniments to complement your main course and elevate your dining experience.

Sweet Endings

End your culinary adventure on a sweet note with TKR’s tempting selection of traditional Pakistani desserts. Indulge in the creamy richness of “Gulab Jamun,” the delicate sweetness of “Rasmalai,” or the festive flavors of “Kheer.”

TKR 4 Address, Contact and Timing:

Address: Tahir Khan Restaurant (TKR) 4, Bahria Town (Phase 4 to be confirmed)pen_spark

Contact Number: +92 304 1110857

Timing: 11am – 1 am


While all the above information is based on publicly available data, including TKR’s social media presence, some details like the exact address, menu, timings, and social media links are yet to be confirmed. Please keep an eye on TKR’s official channels for the latest updates.

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